Last week my boss asked if we had heard about #OverlyHonestArchivist. We hadn’t, so, since I was just being the intern standing in the way while the two “real” archivists were moving posters, I looked it up and read some aloud. There was a good blog post about it on ArchivesNext (http://www.archivesnext.com/?p=3280). Here are my favourites:

  • If you pronounce Archivist ‘archive-ist’ I judge you and find you wanting
  • I love the sight of a shelf of uniform neatly labelled boxes and move items to achieve this
  • Every time someone asks me if I have everything digitized I take a shot.
  • Sometimes we can’t read the document either
  • No, student employees, your file-label writing is NOT neat enough. Listen, you should have learned this in grade 2.
  • I actually hate using pencils and at home I have nothing but pens.
  • When I wear white gloves I pretend I’m a character on Downton Abbey
  • We really do enjoy putting things in new folders & removing rusty paperclips. Looks so tidy.
  • My personal papers are a mess.
  • “Box-level description” = “Nobody’s going to want to see this crap. Ever.”
  • I actually kind of like helping with genealogy research.
  • We will want to throw something at you if you refer to “digitization” as “digitalization”.
  • I write my diaries with contextual clues for future archivists
  • I resist surveying the backlog because I can’t afford the alcohol required if I knew the actual size.

If I were to write my own?

  • I like tasks like refoldering or reboxing because it gives my brain a rest
  • When I write file labels really neatly, I like to take a moment and admire my handwriting
  • When will PlastiKlips come in professional colours? I feel slightly ridiculous showing a researcher documents held together with neon green clips.
  • Sometimes when I am in the stacks, I take a moment and revel in the quiet.

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