Tales Out of Library School

Inside jokes abound in every profession. A fellow student posted these “bad archives session titles” today, taken from http://www.archivesnext.com/?p=2116. From the website (some titles have been removed in the name of decency):
How did this start? I think I tweeted about a session here at ACA called “Pimp My Finding Aid” and that inspired @nnn to set it off. Presented here, for your amusement, with the names stripped out in case someone in a future hiring position doesn’t have a sense of humor, are the #badarchivessessiontitles tweets so far:
Real Housewives of the National Archives

Eating in the Processing Room: I’m Lovin’ It.

Fonds of Steel

Three Dutch Archivists Walk Into A Bar…: What we can learn from Muller, Feith, and Fruin

Tales From the Crypt: Working in Cemetery Archives

Original Order: Special Victims Unit

Buffy the Vinegar Syndrome Slayer

Stripper, Drugdealer, Doctor: Lucrative Alternatives to Being an Archivist

Show Me The Money: The State of American Archives, Presented by Klaus

Silverfish: Pests or handy deaccessioners?

Miscellaneous Topics

Celebrating the Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War: Aren’t We Sick of this Yet?

Beyond Rock, Paper, and Scissors: Creative Appraisal

You are what you EAD.

Community Archives and Digital Preservation: Cut it out, you guys that’s our job.

O RLY? YA RLY: LOLspeak for finding aids

The 10% Rule: That’s what we call “Archives Power”

Lacquer?! I don’t even know her!: Identifying audio materials in your archives

Get out of here and stop touching our things: How to deal with users

Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just Me?: Caring for Your HVAC System

Oops!…Oh, Well. Nobody Will Probably Ever Know It Was *Your* Coffee Mug Ring: True Processing Confessions

Just Call It Misc! : MPLP In Action

Archives 180: Then, Now, Meh

Do, Make, Say, Think…Archive? It’s what you do!: New Youth Media Campaigns to Recruit a Hip, Attentive Workforce

Oot and Aboot: Archival Outreach in Canada

Because We Think You’re Gullible: Baby Boomer Retirements and Archives Job Opportunities

Extreme Archives Makeover: MPLP Edition

Survivor: the Basement

Backup? We Don’t Need No Stinking Backup: Neo-Jenkinsonian Approaches to Digital Archives

Exploding the myths about nitrate film

There’s Always Room for One More: Accessioning Irrelevant Collections

Improving the past: altering historic documents for fun and profit

What’s past is prolonged: delaying inconvenient research requests

When you just don’t have a clue: Creating Miscellaneous Folders

Crack In The Stacks: How Selling Drugs Can Increase Funding AND Morale

“Hey- I’m sitting here with 3 lawyers who have records management questions…” How bad archival Fridays end

Everything is Miscellaneous: How to lose donors and alienate patrons without really trying

Pull the Plug: Managing Electronic Records in Small Archives

No One Cares about Your Ancestors: Providing Reference Services to Genealogists

“Ignorance is Bliss: Putting It In a Box Counts As Appraisal”

Obsolete technology: Sisyphus in the Stacks

News clippings collections: to mulch or compost?

Archival Ethics: Why Bother?

Weed ‘em and reap: selling off your most valuable records

Rectum? Damn Near Killed ‘Em: A Perspective from the Medical Archives

From Inclusive Dates to Bulk Dates: A Dating Guide for Archivists

But I already Googled it!: Getting useful responses from #thatdarnlist

The Weakest Linked Data

If They Only Had a Brain: Teaching Users How to Handle Archival Materials

International Archival Standards & Terminology: It’s All Greek to Me!