Juste Pour Rire

I am writing this in the library because I started laughing audibly and the girl two desks down gave me A Look, so I decided to take a break and meander over to the computers.

I was reading for my Knowledge Management class and this week we are discussing organizational culture. When you practice KM, it is very important to understand the culture of the organization you are working with, because in order for change to last and become permanent, people have to internalize it and this means their culture has to change. [ETA 2015: Not necessarily. In fact, it’s better for KM to fit around the organizational culture to begin with. I just didn’t realize that at the time.]

Organizational culture per se is not a funny topic – it was reading a paragraph about the role of stories and anecdotes in transmitting culture to new employees, and then remembering some from my last job, that made me laugh loudly enough for forcible exile from my study carrel. Right up until a week before school started I worked in customer service at YBP Library Services (a book vendor). This is the anecdote in question:

“K. and S. have great stories about the old times here at YBP, when everyone sat surrounded by huge piles of paper and smoked cigarettes like Keith Richards.”


Tidy Up!

In doing my Archival reading I came across this gem in a case study:

“Initially, the old files were stored on open shelving, then in boxes, and later it appears that staff just opened the door and threw the old files into the room.”

Kind of reminds me of my college dorm room. It was like there was an invisible fence between my side and Roommate’s side – hers was clean and mine had papers all over it. Technically mine was clean, too – it just wasn’t tidy :) A big congratulations to Roommate, who is getting married on Friday! Wish I could be there!